Hi and thank you for visiting Serenity.

To start with a little about myself. I live in Western Australia. I live here with my supporting and tolerant wife, my young son, and our dog. I’ve travelled around a bit, initially doing my medical degree in Liverpool (UK), before moving to Australia in 2006. Having worked in a few places, mainly doing Emergency in NSW and QLD,  we eventually settled down in Melbourne an worked as a GP there for 5 years. From there we moved to Western Australia.

The blog was started after going through some personal stressors, not directly related to work. However going through those things made me re-evaluate some things, and reflect on where I was. With some support and help from friends, family and professionals I have been able to get my life relatively back on track. Going through this process highlighted some failings that we as doctors and health professionals have, and I realised a lot that we could do better. Hence the slow progression into “Wellness” and all that it means. The blog here is an effort to share some of my reflections on my process, and conclusions (accurate or not) that I have come to. Its written in a personal viewpoint with generic advice that shouldn’t be taken as medical advice. The hope is that I can help others who may been going through difficult times.