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Self-Value and Self Worth as a Doctor

Over the last few posts on this Blog we’ve talked about a few different things, but you might have noticed a trend in some of the struggles we as Doctors or health professionals face. It often comes down to ourselves – or more precisely how we value ourselves. So for today’s post we’re going to look at self-worth. What does self-worth mean? Just what it says, it means valuing yourself. […]

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A Wellness Care plan

A Wellness Care Plan for Doctor

  In the last post we talked about Wellness and what it means. Today we’ll look at some ways to help improve your wellness and prevent burnout. The things below are general steps to get you started, but as in most advice, if you are having health problems be it physical or mental health, you should see your own GP. How to fix things? As doctors we tend to be […]

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Wellness – Beyond the Buzzword

With the growing trend of burnout in doctors, one of the things that has been identified as a solution is improving “Wellness” or self-care in doctors. Most medical colleges and boards have started to recognize what has been an important part of corporate culture for some time. That looking after the physician’s wellness can lead to better performance from Doctors, and reduced incidents of medical errors and increased patient satisfaction. […]

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Burnout in Doctors – are you Toast?

There is  increasing public perception and commentary that there are systemic failures in Doctors, and that they will or are making mistakes. Regulatory bodies, medical boards, and government try to combat this by looking at systems to identify those who may pose a risk to public safety. The markers that they use are often based around burnout – substance abuse, mental or physical health, increased medical errors, and reduced patient […]

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Facing Difficulties (Part 2)

So bit delayed but today I’ll finish off the “Facing Difficulties” post. Last time we spoke about a few basic things- Dont Panic What would Batman Do? – clearing your head, and approaching the problem with perspective. Get Help Acceptance. Those are some things to get you through the initial phase of facing a difficult situation. From there I’d like to talk about a few further steps. Find belief in […]

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Facing Difficulties (Part 1)

Welcome back to Serenity. We’ve talked here about looking after ourselves, finding our identity and last time some simple rules to help get us through life. Today I’d like to talk about facing difficulties. Throughout our lives – personal and working, we will face difficulties and challenges to our happiness and balance of well being. How should we deal with these challenges? You might think that this is just common […]

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7 Rules for your wall

For today’s Serenity post, something a little different, not as long winded as my usual posts .Not sure where the below quote/rules came from, not my own, but they do provide a great set to keep on your wall and to remind yourself now an then… 1) Make peace with the past so it doesn’t spoil your present   2) What others think of you, is none of your business. […]

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Finding our Identity

Welcome back to Serenity for the 2nd post, if you read the first post I talked about some of the difficulties that we as GPs face in looking after ourselves and why we are so bad at it. One of the main things is that we find if difficult to separate the identity of ourselves as a doctor from ourselves as a person – I thought I’d explore that a […]

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‘Medice, cura te ipsum’ – Physician, heal thyself

Welcome to Serenity – the idea came from a sci-fi show, but the word “Serenity” is defined as: Noun : the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled. Reading that I thought it would be an interesting name and idea for a blog here. I hope to discuss some things that pertain to the above state of being calm, peaceful and untroubled, as well as some other random thoughts and […]

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