This page has some useful links and information for people who’ve found the blog.


Australian Doctor’s Health Network

This is service that provides support network for Australian doctors. They have contact numbers by state that you can call. On calling you will be directed to appropriate services, at a base they are able to find GPs in your area who help and take on other doctors as patients. This is a great first step in seeking help and looking after yourself.

GPDU – GP’s Down Under Facebook Group. – 

The GPDU group is a great resource. Though like all groups you have to be careful of what you take away from it, and there are differences of opinion. It provides a platform for GPs to talk to each other, support, teach, and help one another. It has been the biggest driver for me to using Facebook as a platform again after weaning off. Why is this listed here? – because peer support and validation of your work, yourself and what you are going through is a very important part of Wellness, and looking after ourselves. Note this is a closed group for GPs, and you will have to provide evidence that you are a registered doctor and GP, and be approved before you can join the group.

RACGP Support Program

“The GP Support Program is a free service offered by the RACGP in line with the college’s commitment to foster a culture of self care amongst general practitioners. It is available to all Australian RACGP members who are registered medical practitioners, regardless of where you live or work. Members can access professional advice to help cope with life’s stressors which may include personal and work related issues that can impact on their wellbeing, work performance, safety, workplace morale and psychological health.”

Keeping the Doctor Alive

This guidebook provides medical practitioners with information and resources on strategies for self care as an essential element of their professional life. It aims to encourage medical practitioners to recognise and discuss the challenges facing them, promote self care as an integral and accepted part of the professional life of medical practitioners, and assists medical practitioners to develop useful strategies for self care.Burnout Questionnaire from BMA – do you think you might be burnt out or at risk of it ? Take the questionnaire.


Some interesting articles/media releases or sites to read –

Beyond Blue Breakdown of the 2013 survey of doctors and medical students – 

  • One in five medical students and one in 10 doctors had suicidal thoughts in the past year. More than four in 10 students and a quarter of doctors are highly likely to have a minor psychiatric disorder, like mild depression or mild anxiety

Blogs which look at Doctors health and self-care/Wellness

Dr Maxine Speaks – is a blog run by Dr Maxine Szramka, a physician based in Sydney who works full time in private practice in Rheumatology. She discusses mental health issues in doctors, and has some good insight and advice.

Eat Move Chill – is a blog run by Dr.Kevin Yong. The blog isn’t specifically aimed at doctors, but has great advice on a healthy lifestyle and balance.